Host Families

Host Families


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During the last 15 years we have dedicated our time to the organization and management of stays in Florida for students of all nationalities with the aim of providing opportunities to learn English and learn about American culture throughout an academic year or during vacational periods.

We deal with organizing the year round and/or vacational stays of students, as well as, the selection of families who will host them. Our coordinators are available  24/7.

The family selection process is very rigorous and focuses on choosing the most appropriate families to meet the students requirements.


How does the selection process work?

Any family who is willing to become a host family must undergo a thorough screening process that includes:

1. The completion of a comprehensive dossier of information that is verified in its entirety.
2. The contribution of verifiable references, both personal and professional.
3. Inspection of the family home, once received, analyzed and verified all information submitted. Local coordinators visit the family home and make sure they pay attention to every detail about the house and its environment, which must comply with certain standards.
4. Interviewing all family members who are present that day, taking into account the good atmosphere of the family, as well as, all aspects related to the safety and welfare of the student.
5. Criminal background check of all family members over age.
6. A study of the family’s lifestyle and values.


Host Homes must meet certain standards for cleanliness and condition. Students may have a single room or share it with any of the children or other students. In any case, will have a quiet place to study and do homework. Typically the house is near the school.  The first day the family will take the student to school and the rest of their stay, you will have to use public transportation.

The host family will help you adjust to your new lifestyle, however, meeting people and fully enjoying the experience, will depend heavily on your efforts. You will learn new expressions; new words and the family will most likely correct you when you speak to improve your English. And most importantly, they will always be there for you, to offer their support and help in any way necessary. They will be happy to share with you there problems or concerns, but also their achievements and successes.

Do not forget that you will be a member of the family and have duties at home. You should respect the rules of each family and help in some chores at home, such as making your own bed, help set and clear the table, cleaning your room.


Who are our Host families?

There is no typical host family. We find families with very different structures: large families, families without children, single parents and two-parent families, families in which both parents work outside and others in which one parent is at home. You can also find families of different race and religion.

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