English classes

Local students

Standard classes

  • 4 week modular program
  • Twice a week.
  • 4 hours per class.

Emphasis is on complete immersion in an environment based on our Communicative Approach. Classes do not exceed 10 students in projects and activities are guided by native English teachers.

Intensive classes

  • 12 weeks modular program.
  • Four times a week.
  • 4 hours per class.

Our experienced native English teachers will guide you in projects and activities, and classes will not exceed 10 students.

International students

Standard classes

  • 4 weeks of total immersion classes.
  • 5 times a week.
  • 4 hours a day.

This immersion program includes projects and hands on activities, working interactively in a small group to promote acquisition of conversational skills and achieving a high level of fluency.

Intensive classes

  • 12 weeks of personalized learning.
  • 5 times a week.
  • 4 hours a day.

An enhancing of communication skills and vocabulary is set as the main priority by working and interacting in small groups. Moreover, the personalized learning experience is geared toward obtaining invaluable conversational skills under the guidance of native English teachers.

English for Business

  • 4 weeks module program.
  • 20 hours a week
  • 2 segments.

One focused on general business with the objective of acquiring general trade terminology and writing skills and the other segment pandering to the specialized industry or sector.

One on One private classes

This is an option that allows you fast progress and achieving your goals in a shorter period of time. Through the guidance of a native English teacher the areas that need specific attention will be carefully and meticulously addressed so you can reach a high level of proficiency.

TOEFL and TOEIC preparation classes

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