With more than 15 years experience in student accommodation, we feel privileged to offer our students an unequally choice of homestay accommodation. Our focus is to provide a wholesome experience for our students through total cultural immersion. Staying with an American family will facilitate and ease your process of acculturation and help you in transitioning to your new life as a student. It is the unique opportunity to experience and live with an American family learning the customs, culture and more importantly practicing your English. It is your home away from home for the period of your studies.

  • Room options: private or shared
  • Meal options: breakfast only or breakfast and dinner

We take care of arranging the rooms for students, where families chosen, must undergo a thorough selection process:

  • The completion of a comprehensive dossier of information that is verified in its entirety.
  • The contribution of verifiable references, both personal and professional.
  • Inspection of the family home, once received, analyzed and verified, all information will be submitted.
  • Interview with all family members.
  • Criminal background check.
  • Inquiry into the lifestyle and values shared by the family.

Please let us know your needs and we will make sure you have the perfect accomodation for your stay.


Available in the Fort Lauderdale area. Experience life with an American family. Sharing a home with an american family, will help you to practice your English skills while full immersing yourlsef in the culture. Homestay provides a safe and comfortable environmnet to live in while you are taking classes. Choosing to stay with a host family will give you valuable exposure to the daily life and customs of americans. An additonal bonus is that you will be able to practice English in a natural setting and pick up common expressions quickly and easily.

We have a strong network of homestay families ready to host international students. Every family is screened and carefully selected by our homestay manager. These families are your home away from home.


  • Meal options include: breakfast only or breakfast & dinner.
  • Room options include: private or shared.


Stay with other students in shared residences. Make friends from all over the world. Chances are, you will be boarding with another student that doesn’t speak English. Be independent, come and go as you please.

Room options include: private or shared.
These may vary in price depending on location and length of your stay.

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